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Tribe Influencer Marketing Solutions

Tribe Influencer Marketing Solutions

You may know and love us for our research and reporting on all things influencer marketing, but did you know we offer software, too? Read up on all the ways Tribe Dynamics' software can up your influencer marketing game below! Here’s what Tribe influencer marketing software can do for your brand!

Tribe Dynamics’ influencer marketing software helps you scale and optimize influencer programs by tracking, measuring, and managing your brand's digital earned media performance.

We help solve three common problems with influencer marketing by providing:

  1. Influencer marketing software and analytical reporting for your influencer network
  2. Competitive benchmarking for insights into your competitors’ influencer networks and engagement strategies
  3. Visibility into the engagement and ROI of your influencer activations

Tribe Influencer Marketing Software: How Does It Work?

Tribe Dynamics' software comprises four main features:

1. Brand Buzz

Keeps a pulse on influencer-generated content.

Cut through the rest of social media and focus on the influencer content that matters to you with the Brand Buzz feature of Tribe’s influencer marketing software. View content created by your tracked influencers in a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Top Content: View top content about your brand created by your tracked influencers across multiple channels, along with their engagement statistics, all in one place with Tribe influencer marketing software’s Brand Buzz interface. Easily click on post links to interact with influencers and learn what they’re saying about your brand.
  • Engagement Analytics: View engagement analytics for any time frame across all content produced about your brand, or on an individual ambassador or post level. The Brand Buzz feature of Tribe influencer marketing software offers insights into community metrics such as content volume and activity by follower-count tier or channel to facilitate your earned media reporting.
  • Content Management: Filter and sort posts created by a subset of your influencer network across any time frame by channel, customized tag, type, search term mention, and campaign. Readily export any information from Tribe influencer marketing software as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF deliverable.


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2. Ambassadors

Track and manage your most valuable influencer relationships with tribe influencer marketing software’s Ambassadors feature.

Store, manage, and track your influencer relationships with a single system. The Ambassadors feature of Tribe influencer marketing software helps you gain a deeper understanding of your ambassadors, their engagement metrics, and their content creation habits.

  • Influencer Management: Store and manage influencer information such as channel links, mailing addresses, birthdays, favorite products, and notes in Tribe influencer marketing software’s Ambassadors feature. Filter and sort influencers by location, follower tier, campaigns, post count, EMV, or custom tags. Easily build lists and export any information from Tribe influencer marketing software to a spreadsheet.
  • Influencer Community Health: Keep track of your most prolific influencers while identifying opportunities to re-activate those who have recently stopped posting. Make use of Tribe influencer marketing software’s powerful ambassador community metrics to make actionable decisions on activations and reach out to influencers most relevant to your earned media strategy.
  • Ambassador Profiles: For any individual influencer, filter, sort, export, and view relevant information in one place. Easily search through your tracked influencers and discover vetted ambassadors from the Tribe influencer database.
  • Influencer Search: Follow influencers who have started creating content about your brand by accessing the Tribe influencer database. Grow your network as you begin to scale your earned media program.

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3. Competitors

Benchmark your brand and gain insight into the competitive landscape via Tribe influencer marketing software’s Competitors feature.

The Competitors feature of Tribe influencer marketing software lets you benchmark your brand's performance against a competitive brand set of your choosing. Gain insight into which influencers are creating content for your competitor brands that is driving the most value.

  • Performance Metrics: Benchmark your brand’s performance over time in earned media value (EMV) and EMV share, engagement, and community metrics against your competitive set using Tribe influencer marketing software’s competitors feature. Gain insight into your competitors’ monthly performance by channel and influencer tier.
  • Top Content: View top content created about your competitors across multiple channels, as well as their engagement statistics. Tribe influencer marketing software lets you sort content by ambassador tier, EMV, post date, or channel.
  • Top Ambassadors: View the top ambassadors posting about your competitors, as well as their engagement metrics and content creation history. Use the Tribe influencer database to discover influencers creating content about your brand outside of your tracked ambassadors.

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4. Campaigns

Use Tribe influencer marketing software’s Campaigns feature to measure the success of your influencer activations.

Track and measure earned media content related to events, product sends, or any topic based on your designated search terms. With the Campaigns feature of Tribe influencer marketing software, you can effectively benchmark the success of your activations.

  • Performance Metrics: Gain instant visibility into the performance of a given influencer activation with Tribe influencer marketing software’s Campaigns feature. Our tools make it easy to report on each campaign’s performance through EMV, influencer participation statistics, and generated content to recognize your ROI and types of activations that resonate with your various community groups.
  • Content Tracking: Take a proactive approach to running your influencer marketing initiatives and adjust your strategy on the fly. With Tribe influencer marketing software’s flexible campaign tracking, you can monitor content generated by the influencers you care most about to learn what they are sharing about your products and brand.
  • Activation Insights: View the top ambassadors and content contributing to your campaigns, as well as their tier, channel breakdown, Engagement Index, EMV, and posting frequency. Easily identify and follow up with influencers who have yet to create content for a campaign.

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