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Guide to Earned Media Value (EMV): What It Is and How to Use It

Earned Media Value, or EMV, measures engagement with social media content about a brand that is created by a third party. Tribe Dynamics uses proprietary technology in quantifying the value of digital earned media content, making EMV the standard for measuring social media engagement. Earned Media Value can be used to evaluate the performance of influencer marketing campaigns, and benchmark brands within a given competitive landscape.

How is Earned Media Value calculated?

Tribe Dynamics’ holistic approach assigns a unique value to each piece of content based on the engagement received from followers and other users. This value is then attributed to each of the brands mentioned within the post.

A chart that shows how engagement on social media posts contributes to a brand’s Earned Media Value (EMV).


EMV takes into account the platform where the post was created, because not all content is created equal! A YouTube video about your brand, for example, gets a higher baseline Earned Media Value than a Tweet, since a video generally requires more time and effort to produce and consume.

Content Engagement

After the post was published, how many followers responded (by liking, commenting, sharing, etc.)? The majority of a post's Earned Media Value performance depends on the engagement that it accrues. By using engagement instead of traditional measures like reach or estimated impressions, EMV provides a more accurate indication of the brand’s social relevance as reflected by real consumer involvement.

A scale illustrating the spectrum of content engagement, with video “views” on the lower end and “shares” on the higher end.


How can my brand use EMV?

Earned Media Value allows brands to monitor the success of their influencer marketing efforts over time. Use EMV to benchmark the impact of individual posts, ambassadors, products, and campaigns for your brand. You can also use it to benchmark your brand’s performance against a competitor brand’s performance. Here’s an example: Benefit’s U.K. team used Tribe Dynamics’ software to track how much of its Earned Media Value (EMV) came from each of its internal influencer tiers. By tracking each tier’s EMV contributions, Benefit UK was able to establish more accurate benchmarks for like-for-like influencer activity. 

Earned Media Value can easily become your brand’s core metric for evaluating influencer marketing success. To learn more about how Earned Media Value is an integral part of Benefit U.K.’s influencer marketing program, click here.

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