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Why Tribe Dynamics?

Influencer marketing has changed a lot since Tribe Dynamics was founded in 2012. What hasn't changed? Our commitment to helping iconic brands harness the power of influencer marketing with best-in-class software and service. 

We're a Leader in Influencer Marketing

Customers Love Tribe Dynamics

"Tribe changed my life!"

The fact that I am able to track all campaigns and partnerships in a way that is easy to understand for all my peers. This allows me to plan future campaigns based on past data, and overall create more successful strategies.

"Tribe is such a great platform!"

Aside from the monitoring, I love how the Tribe team provides resources and insights for the community to constantly improve our strategies and take full advantage of what the platform has to offer. From the podcast to the events and Slack community, these are great additional tools that you don't often see in platforms similar to Tribe.


I absolutely love the Tribe Dynamics team! Not only are they super helpful, they put on events that are exceptionally unique and worth your time, and they really make you feel like you're a part of their community! And the fact that they're implementing some Tik Tok capabilities is amazing.

Great platform, great team, great service!"

Tribe is instrumental in helping us manage influencer campaigns and helps us keep track of information for hundreds of ambassadors, all in one place.

"Best Influencer Marketing Platform on the Market!"

Tribe Dynamics will help take your influencer strategy to the next level with user-friendly tools to build influencer relationships and marketing campaigns. Their analytical capabilities and tools make it easy to gauge the ROI on your efforts, as well as stay ahead of industry trends and competitive activity.

"Tribe Dynamics is a one stop shop for Influencer Marketing!"

Tribe makes Influencer marketing and data tracking so seamless. Tribe makes it so effortless to collect Influencer information, export lists based on specific criteria as well as track campaign data for Instagram and now TikTok which was really exciting for our team!

"Tribe Dynamics is a beauty industry standard!"

I really love the team at tribe and platform functionality overall. In terms of a competitive analysis, almost every (beauty) brand uses Tribe Dynamics. We use the leaderboard, reports and insights, and the monthly round-up (report sent from Tribe Dynamics) to see how we match up to how other brands are activating influencers.

"Tribe - all stars here! A great platform for all things influencer relationships"

The ease of navigating the platform makes using Tribe a delight! Everything is comprehensively laid out in a way that makes finding stats about influencer partnerships simple and insightful. The information and knowledge Tribe has on influencers in our segment is truly amazing!

"Tribe has been very helpful to segment our network of influencers"

Tracking immediate results + measuring ROI. We've been able to build out lists and collaborate with influencers on an organic + authentic way vs. simply casting the net to see what sticks.

"Easiest influencer tracking tool I have ever used!!"

It is SO easy to use, definitely the most simple platform and database to work through daily and explain to others as they join the team. I love the way that the data and performance is laid out, again so easy to comprehend and share externally with those who do not work on it day to day.

"Brilliant platform, amazing insights!"

Tribe gives us a way to measure the value of our work, and the ability to track all social content featuring our brand. The best part is that Tribe provides useful insights and analysis to help us identify influencers who are right for our brand.

"Tribe has helped us grow brand awareness and scale brand ambassadors."

Tribe has helped us measure ROI across all influencer + MUA initiatives. We use it to measure each of our events, sends, and our monthly EMV to reach our EOY goals.

You’re in good company. See what the best have been using all along.

Iconic Brands Use Tribe Dynamics

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How Benefit Cosmetics Tracks Influencer Performance to Drive Positive ROI

Benefit Cosmetics runs one of the most sophisticated influencer marketing programs in the beauty industry, using strict standards during the influencer discovery and measurement processes to power positive ROI.

Tatcha 2019 2020

How Tatcha Became the No. 1 Brand in Skincare EMV

Having seized the No. 1 spot in the Skincare Tribe Top 10, Tribe Dynamics’ monthly publication series that ranks the top beauty and fashion brands in earned media performance, Tatcha wanted to defend its ranking against up-and-coming skincare brands and established players alike. Read our case study to find out how! 

Pür 2019 2020

How PÜR Used Tribe Dynamics in Development and Assessment of 100-Shade Foundation Launch

To embrace the call for more inclusive complexion products in the beauty industry, PÜR set out to create a foundation that catered to all consumers. The brand needed a way to access the product preferences of its diverse audience and learn from the successes and shortcomings of its competitors’ complexion launches.

Benefit UK 2019 2020

How Benefit UK Doubled Growth By Discovering New Influencers

A rapidly growing brand, Benefit UK increased its EMV total and ambassador community by a respective 109% and 22% from 2017 to 2018.

Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup and Micro-Influencer Marketing at Scale

How does an up-and-coming beauty brand leverage micro-influencer marketing to solidify its profile within the beauty community?


How Profusion Cosmetics Used Tribe Dynamics to Validate Influencer Marketing Program ROI

To see how Profusion Cosmetics products’ earned media performance compared to its retail partners’ sales data, and learn more about how the brand sparked a 355% year-over-year Earned Media Value (EMV) growth, download our Profusion Cosmetics case study!


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