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About Tribe Dynamics

Our company history and leadership team

Company History

In 2012, less than two years after the launch of Instagram, Tribe Dynamics hit the marketing technology scene as a SaaS start-up to help beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands track and measure which influencers, publications, and outlets were generating attention for them all in a single influencer marketing software platform. Within a few years, Earned Media Value (EMV), our proprietary metric that measures the value of third-party digital content created about a brand, became the standard for brands who needed a way to help measure whether their influencer marketing efforts were paying off.


Team Tribe Dynamics

Today, countless leading global brands utilize our software, data, and industry expertise to operationalize, scale, and measure their internal influencer programs. Tribe Dynamics was founded by longtime friends Conor Begley and Jonathan Namnath, and has since expanded to over 40 team members based in San Francisco, London, New York, and Portland.

Conor Begley


Jon Namnath


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Ben Staveley

Sales & Marketing

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