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Earned by Tribe Dynamics, Podcast + Video Series

Influencer marketing strategies and success stories from the beauty and fashion brands that do earned media best, providing a roadmap for fellow industry professionals.

Earned Podcast

Strategies and Success Stories From the Best in Beauty + Fashion

Welcome to Earned, an influencer marketing podcast by Tribe Dynamics. In this series, Tribe Dynamics co-founder Conor Begley sits down with esteemed industry leaders, exploring the minds—and marketing strategies—behind the most successful beauty and fashion brands in earned media.

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In each episode, we dive into our guest’s background, as they walk us through the unique—and often unexpected—journey that led them to landing their dream role. We discuss their tried-and-true marketing philosophies and unpack the evolution of brand-consumer relationships in the social media era—and of course, we talk about influencers, sharing insights into the most authentic and effective ways for brands to cultivate impactful influencer communities. Each guest also lends advice to young professionals starting out in the industry, and reveals a few of the key marketing strategies behind their brand’s coveted success, online and off—so be sure to tune in, and take notes!

Earned Podcast

Episode 4: Mehdi Mehdi, Rare Beauty

In Earned Episode 4, Conor interviews Mehdi Mehdi, chief digital officer at Selena Gomez’s highly anticipated beauty line Rare Beauty, and former VP of Digital at NYX Professional Makeup. Mehdi talks about the importance of understanding your consumer’s perspective and leveraging your influencer community, and shares his most-used marketing strategies, including a thoughtful approach to building long-term influencer relationships.

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Earned Podcast

Episode 3: Evelyn Wang, Milani Cosmetics

In episode 3 of Earned, Conor sits down with Evelyn Wang, CMO of cult-favorite masstige cosmetics brand Milani. We dive into Evelyn’s unexpected path to the beauty industry, beginning with a degree in Psychoanalytic Thought from a Toronto university, to a business degree at USC (with her sights set on the entertainment industry), before an internship at L'Oréal Paris eventually led her to senior leadership positions at major beauty corporations like Estée Lauder and Johnson & Johnson. Evelyn unpacks the transition from working at these large, publicly traded companies, to leading the marketing departments of smaller, independent brands like Wet n Wild, and, since 2018, Milani. We find out her core marketing philosophies, including the importance of a compelling brand story and the necessity of details, plus her thoughts on the influencer marketing space and Milani’s personalized approach to working with content creators. 

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Earned Episode 3: Evelyn Wang, Milani CMO

Earned Podcast

Episode 2: Jordynn Wynn, Insert Name Here

In Episode 2 of Earned, Tribe Dynamics co-founder Conor Begley chats with Jordynn Wynn, co-founder of rising hair extensions brand Insert Name Here (yes, that’s the name!) and marketing director at ColourPop. Raised in a small Montana town, Jordynn reveals how she wound up becoming the first official hire at ColourPop at age 21, and pulls back the curtain on the brand’s humble beginnings. Jordynn also shares why she, alongside former Pepperdine classmate and ColourPop colleague Sharon Pak and entrepreneur Kevin Gould, decided to enter the hair space and found wig, ponytail, and extensions brand Insert Name Here. We unpack how Jordynn’s learnings from ColourPop inform INH’s marketing strategy, and discuss the active role social media influencers have played in the hair brand’s initial success.

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Earned Podcast

Episode 1: Ashton Wall, ColourPop

In Episode 1 of Earned, Tribe Dynamics co-founder Conor Begley sits down with Ashton Wall, director of performance marketing at ColourPop, one of today’s hottest beauty brands in earned media. Ashton shares how she landed her “dream job” at ColourPop, revealing her career role models and ride-or-die marketing philosophies. Conor and Ashton also dive into the evolution of brand-consumer relationships in the social media era and the importance of social listening, before Ashton divulges a few of the strategies that rocketed ColourPop to stardom.

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