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5 Top UK Beauty Influencers

Meet the U.K.’s other royals: the star beauty influencers driving conversation and momentum for their favorite brands. While bloggers are setting the pace for the beauty industry across the globe, the U.K.’s smaller influencer community means that individual influencers play a particularly outsize role in leading brands’ fortunes. After reviewing data from January to July 2019, Tribe Dynamics selected five standout U.K. beauty influencers and the brands for which they are sparking some serious Earned Media Value (EMV). These influencer-brand bonds provide key lessons for any brand looking to build stronger relationships with influencers.


Thuy Le using Huda Beauty products in a makeup tutorial.


The Blogging Queen: Thuy Le (@xthuyle) and Huda Beauty

Blogger Thuy Le’s diverse content—everything from makeup tutorials to jet-setting outfit shots—not only kept her fans constantly entertained, but drove significant EMV for many brands. Perhaps not coincidentally, Thuy’s most mentioned beauty brand, Huda Beauty, also ranked as the U.K.’s top beauty brand overall. The blogger drove $5.1M EMV of Huda Beauty’s $131.4M EMV total from January to July. Thuy favored the popular Easy Bake Loose Powder in her content, featuring the product in 40 of her 76 posts. The blogger’s strong loyalty to Huda Beauty’s products proved instrumental to the brand’s momentum in 2019.


The Trend Tester: Radka Kováčová (@gwrady) and ColourPop

Known for her unique makeup application techniques, Radka proved a considerable asset for the 98 different beauty brands she mentioned from January to July. Radka’s most significant EMV output was for longtime influencer favorite ColourPop: the blogger generated $5.9M EMV across 90 posts mentioning the brand, over $3.5M EMV more than ColourPop’s next highest-earning content creator. Radka accrued this total by featuring ColourPop products in both tutorials and giveaways. Taking notice of her strong advocacy, ColourPop teamed up with Radka on a special gift card giveaway for her followers, a gesture that inspired both deepened loyalty and increased EMV totals.


The Glam-Punk Globetrotter: Jamie Grant (@jamiegenevieve) and NARS

A true success story, Jamie has risen over the past several years from aspiring makeup artist to a powerhouse in the global beauty influencer community. Jamie’s increased standing drives considerable EMV totals for her preferred beauty brands, which tend to match the glam-punk, down-to-earth aesthetic for which she’s won her many fans. Of all the influencer’s brand relationships, her connection with NARS has proven most fruitful, with Jamie generating $4.3M EMV between January and July as the brand’s No. 1 influencer by over $1.1M EMV. Across 101 pieces of content, Jamie illustrated the depth of her relationship with NARS: collaborating with the brand on tutorials, posting from brand-sponsored trips to New York and Dubai, and using a host of NARS products in organic moments—from everyday looks to her own wedding. Jamie’s consistent enthusiasm for NARS across multiple contexts is indicative of the alignment between her beauty identity and the brand’s—a foundational component of any strong brand-influencer partnership.


CC Clarke wearing a crop top emblazoned with the word “Pizza” in an outfit post.


The Woman of Many Talents: CC Clarke (@ccclarkebeauty) and Fenty Beauty

CC Clarke is a multi-faceted influencer, with her varied content reflecting her experience as a makeup artist, singer-songwriter, businesswoman, and more. No doubt inspired by the similar profile of the brand’s famous founder Rihanna, Fenty Beauty ranked as CC’s most mentioned brand. CC powered $2.3M EMV for Fenty Beauty, with her enthusiasm stemming from organic product loyalty: the influencer consistently mentioned both the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer and the Stunna Lip Paint in her posts. In recognition of CC’s passion, Fenty Beauty invited the content creator for an evening of party games and bonding with Rihanna, an experience that CC described as “the best night of my life.” By rewarding a longtime advocate with such an exciting opportunity, Fenty Beauty affirmed their relationship, and encouraged sustained loyalty from CC.


A close-up shot of Keilidh Cashell’s eyeshadow look featuring the Urban Bible Palette she created with SOSU by Suzanne Jackson.


The Creative Partner: Keilidh Cashell (@keilidhmua) and SOSU by Suzanne Jackson

One of the U.K. beauty scene’s most prolific players, Keilidh creates intricate, eyeshadow-driven makeup looks featuring a wide range of brands, including heavy-hitters like Morphe and NARS. However, the Irish makeup artist’s top brand was the smaller-scale SOSU by Suzanne Jackson, with the blogger inspiring $4.0M EMV from January to July, over $3.0M EMV more than the brand’s No. 2 EMV-driving content creator. The connection was clear: Keilidh and SOSU by Suzanne Jackson collaborated on the Urban Bible Palette in late 2018, which the influencer included in 122 of her 150 posts mentioning the brand from January to July 2019. While many brands work with influencers in this more official capacity, influencers do not always continue to hype them as consistently as Keilidh has done with the Urban Bible Palette. The makeup artist’s enthusiasm demonstrates the depth of her partnership with SOSU by Suzanne Jackson, and proves the potential benefits of influencer product collaborations.


While these influencers and brands garnered high EMV totals, there are plenty of other notable influencer-brand relationships within the U.K.—the next spotlight-worthy collaboration could even come from your own brand! Though the influencers we highlighted all have relatively large followings, the relationship-building strategies should be applied to content creators regardless of their number of followers. In a beauty space always on the move, the importance of attracting and retaining dedicated, passionate influencers to your brand family remains constant.


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