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A GIF showcasing Tribe Dynamics’ new Discover tool, which helps brands find influencers to add to their communities.

We are excited to announce the launch of Discover, Tribe Dynamics’ newest feature, which automatically surfaces your brand’s most important influencers. Think of Discover as a one-stop-shop to find influencers to add to your community.

How Does Discover Work?

Discover allows you to find and follow the influencers who have recently mentioned your brand, but whom you don’t already follow in your Tribe Dynamics account. Discover listens for brand mentions within Tribe Dynamics’ panel of influencers. When someone creates content about you, they are immediately added to your Discover feed, where their profiles will be available for you to review. 

A GIF showcasing Tribe Dynamics’ new Discover tool, which helps brands find influencers to add to their communities.

Once an influencer enters the Discover feed, you are then able to either “Follow” these new influencers in your account (and start building relationships with them!) or “Skip for Now.” Skipping removes the influencer and their content from your Discover feed. But if a skipped influencer creates more content about you in the future, we'll resurface them in your Discover feed so you have another chance to “Follow” them!

What Discover Helps Brands Do

Discover allows you to stay on top of the influencers posting about your brand whom you might not have been aware of. By using your Discover feed to add these influencers and respond to their content in a timely manner, you can sustain an always-on strategy for growing your brand communities.

To learn how Discover can help you find influencers perfect for your brand, and test the feature yourself, request a demo!

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