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How Social Media’s Keeping Us Connected During COVID-19

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How Social Media’s Keeping Us Connected During COVID-19

Dear friends and readers,

With so many individuals around the world feeling anxious or isolated during a time like this, social media plays a larger role than ever in keeping us connected, informed, and cared for.

At Tribe Dynamics, we’re thinking of everyone who’s affected by the global COVID-19 crisis, and continue to be committed to harnessing and sharing the power of social media. Brands and influencers alike have tapped their creative juices to help those staying and working at home—as well as those in more vulnerable demographics—make getting through the day easier. Everlane, like so many other retailers, may have closed its stores, but is donating one-hundred percent of its 100% Human collection to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund. Urban Outfitters created chill “Stay In” playlists on Spotify for bringing better vibes to staying indoors. And fitness influencers like Jill Christine (@jillchristinefit on Instagram) and Keoni Hudoba (@keonihudoba) have been either blogging or live-streaming their workouts so their audiences can not only follow along, but stay “socially distant but emotionally connected.” In other words—now may be the perfect time for people to do more, not less.

Like everyone else, we’re keeping busy, too! You can depend on our monthly Tribe Top 10 insights and this blog to still provide the latest social media and Earned Media Value (EMV) trends, influencer activations, and marketing stories, and learn with us as brands evolve their influencer marketing strategies to adapt to a new normal. (It’s important that brands keep their online influencer communities strong while brick-and-mortar stores are closed and in-person events are discouraged.) And don’t forget to take the time to prioritize self-care and ensure your friends and family are finding ways to decompress, too, from finally trying out clean skincare or that recipe for a cool green smoothie. We’ll be sure to consistently update this blog with creative advice and brand and influencer stories, so make sure you subscribe to our mailing list for our latest discoveries.

Take care! 

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