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Bethany Everett on her Journey as a Micro-Influencer

Fashion Creator Spotlight
Content creator Bethany Everett poses for a photoshoot.

Content creator and Createur app user Bethany Everett (@twentysomethingplus on Instagram) has always had a passion for fashion and photography. In 2014, when she started her Twenty Something Plus blog, it was mainly just a way to talk about her interests online. But with influencer marketing taking off shortly thereafter, Bethany soon began attending conferences to educate herself on how to monetize this passion. 

The blog name “Twenty Something Plus” holds deep meaning to the Boston-based creator, who founded it in her 20s. However, Bethany has always had the intention of maintaining her online presence beyond that era of her life—a goal she’s certainly lived up to. Today, Bethany is living her dream as a full-time content creator, representing micro-influencers (fewer than 100k followers on a primary social channel) at a time when brands are increasingly recognizing the value that this community brings to the table. She’s partnered with the likes of clothing brands Abercrombie & Fitch, Petal & Pup, and more. 

"I’m a team of me, and that’s more than fine. But with the growth of TikTok, there’s so many people in this space, and I regularly need to make sure that I’m staying true to my brand."

Bethany Everett, Content Creator 

Content creator Bethany Everett poses for a photoshoot.

Bethany is a team of one, and during a recent interview with Tribe Dynamics, she held her smaller-scale status near and dear to her heart. “Everyone knows you're more likely to buy something because a friend referred you,” Bethany said. “When you connect with your audience and have the engagement that we [micro-influencers] have, you get to watch everything translate.” 

Bethany emphasized that while her style has evolved over the years, and she finds inspiration in different places, she’s always known what she likes, and takes pride in the fact that her style is “simply hers.” Authenticity is everything to Bethany, who has no intention of becoming a powerhouse influencer. However, she certainly faces a unique set of challenges as the result of her intimate following. 

“I’m a team of me, and that’s more than fine. But with the growth of TikTok, there’s so many people in this space, and I regularly need to make sure that I’m staying true to my brand,” Bethany said. “Not comparing myself to others can be hard, but there really are so many seats at the table.” 

Content creator Bethany Everett writes in her journal. Image courtesy of Kat Fernandez (@katfernandezstudios on Instagram)

As a result of this added pressure, Bethany has to reassure herself that she’s doing enough—otherwise she risks burnout, a common phenomenon for content creators. Additionally, many micro-influencers like Bethany don’t have the resources to hire management, adding an extra layer of effort when it comes to uncovering partnership opportunities. Nevertheless, through leveraging her relationships, Bethany has been able to maintain a thriving career. 

“It comes down to what feels right and authentic to me,” Bethany said. “There are some large brands that are so unaligned with my ethics, that I won’t even like a post from another creator if they’re working with them.” 

While the bulk of Bethany’s income comes from brand sponsorships, affiliate links have also played a key role in her success. Additionally, the pandemic served as a counter-intuitive opportunity for creators like Bethany, who saw a surge for her photography business as brands limited their budgets

Bethany has ambitious career goals over the coming years. She wants to raise her Instagram following from its current 70.8k count to 100k, vaulting into mid-tier creator status (100k-300k followers). She also hopes to hire on a management team to assist with brand pitches, and to continue nurturing her long-term partnerships with brands. 

Content creator Bethany Everett poses for a photoshoot.

When asked what advice Bethany has for aspiring creators, she kept it simple: “Create. People always say they’ll start creating once they’ve hit the next milestone, or further developed their personal brand. You build a community being authentic, not based on your aesthetic.” 

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