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What's New at Tribe Dynamics

Winter 2020-2021

Learn how you can use our latest software updates to streamline your brand's influencer strategy and grow your marketing program's impact.


Tribe Dynamics' Shopify Integration

Track the revenue driven by influencers' Shopify discount codes in the same place you track everything else

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Need to know something about an influencer? We've got you covered. In addition to contact information, birthdays, and favorite products, Tribe Dynamics' Influencer Profiles will also show you how much revenue an influencer has driven for your brand via their Shopify discount code.

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Community and Content Feed Filtering

Use earned media data to easily surface the influencers and content that meet your specific criteria

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Find exactly what you need, when you need it. Tribe Dynamics automatically stores extensive analytics for your influencers and their content—follower counts, engagement rates, past campaign participation, and more! Our new composable filters allow you to more seamlessly leverage that data to find who, and what, you are looking for.

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Total Engagements + Estimated Impressions

More ways to measure and report on your earned media program

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Do your thing, we'll help you brag. Tribe Dynamics' superior post tracking technology captures all of the content and data that matters to your brand. From there, you have the power to choose which metrics best showcase the success of your influencer marketing efforts.

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Posting Momentum Badges

We'll alert you to influencers who are creating significantly more or less content about your brand

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Tribe Dynamics helps you cut through the noise and retain your most important influencer fans. With our new "Trending" and "At Risk" badges, you will be able to focus on activating the right influencers at the right time.

A graphic showcasing how Tribe Dynamics' influencer marketing software flags influencer profiles with a "trending" or "at risk" tag depending on that influencers' posting behavior.

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