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Module 3

Nurturing and Growing Your Influencer Community

Become more strategic in your community-building. In this module, you'll learn how to identify key groups of Ambassadors that you should be activating.

Estimated Time: (60 Minutes)

Establishing your community-building strategy

Before we jump into all of the different software tools you can use to nurture your community, let's cover the core framework of a successful influencer community-building strategy.

How can I use Tribe's tools to put this strategy into action?

The Ambassadors Tab in your dashboard offers a suite of tools designed to help you prioritize your community-building efforts.

Nurturing Your Existing Community

The most valuable tool is the Community Group views, which are represented by the Retained, New, Lost, and Potential cards located at the top of the page. Using a combination of the Community Group views, available filters, and Post Activity Tracker, you can easily identify the influencer cohort that would benefit from a stronger relationship with the brand. 

Growing Your Community

To grow your community, head to Discover or Search, where your dashboard can surface content creators from the Tribe Dynamics database that have mentioned your brand, or your competitors.

This method of influencer discovery helps cut down on time spent looking for and vetting potential Ambassadors, while increasing the likelihood that you'll be able to successfully establish an authentic relationship, as you know that these influencers have created about your brand (or similar brands) in the past.

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Why does this matter to me?

The social media landscape evolves rapidly, and your influencer community should do the same. However, keeping up with the latest trends and knowing how and where to allocate your limited influencer marketing resources can be a daunting challenge. Even when you have a strategy for keeping up with your current Ambassadors while discovering new influencers to work with, executing on this strategy can be time-consuming and involve a lot of guesswork.

Your Tribe Dynamics dashboard can help you identify key Ambassador groups based on relationship health, so that you can make more strategic decisions about when and how to activate influencers. When you're ready to grow, our Discover and Search tools are ready to help you hone in on content creators who are already brand advocates, or likely to become one.

In both cases, our tools help you cut through the noise, so you can focus on cultivating a strong, dynamic influencer community.

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Module 3 Assessment


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