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Module 1

Your Tribe Dashboard: The Basics

Set yourself up for successful content tracking by getting familiar with the building blocks of your dashboard: Ambassador Profiles and Search Terms.

Estimated Time: (5 Minutes)

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How does my dashboard work?

Your Tribe Dynamics dashboard can help you organize data about your Ambassador community, discover new influencers to work with, track earned media content, measure brand performance, and a couple of extra things in between.

To do all these things, we rely on just three, very simple, fundamental concepts:

  1. A group of Ambassador Profiles to "listen" to
  2. One or more brand search terms to "listen " for
  3. A date range to focus on

Typically, the group of Ambassador Profiles represents your community, and the brand search terms represent social media handles, hashtags, or keywords that are unique to your brand.


The combination of Ambassador Profiles and Search Terms underpins every page of your dashboard. Here are some examples:

Brand Buzz

  • Group = all Ambassadors you're following in your account
  • Search Terms = any brand mentions
  • Date Range = flexible within the page


  • Group = Ambassadors you're following in your account that you've added to a selected Campaign
  • Search Terms = all brand mentions and/or any other Search Terms you entered when creating the Campaign
  • Date Range = specified during Campaign setup

Why does this matter to me?

Now that you understand the parameters of each page in the software, you're ready to set up your account to track all the content that you care about, and get creative with what you'll be tracking on your Campaigns page.


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Module 1 Assessment


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