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Whether you’re an experienced user or completely new to the Tribe Dynamics platform, this training course will ensure that you unlock the full power of the software.

Module 1

Your Tribe Dashboard: The Basics

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Set yourself up for successful content tracking by getting familiar with the building blocks of your dashboard: Ambassador Profiles and Search Terms.


Module 2

Streamlining Your Influencer Community

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Cut through the noise and stay focused on your key Ambassadors. In this module, learn how you can set up and maintain a system to organize and retrieve your Ambassador data.


Module 3

Nurturing and Growing Your Influencer Community

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Become more strategic in your community-building. In this module, you'll learn how to identify key groups of Ambassadors that you should be activating.


Module 4

Tracking Your Content

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Find all your earned media content in one place, and create custom feeds to track specific topics, activations, and Ambassador cohorts.


Module 5

Segmenting Your Content

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In this module, you'll learn how to master our filtering system to dig into your content and Campaigns data.


Module 6

Reporting on Your Brand's Performance

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Share your wins and evolve your program. In this module, you'll learn more about our metrics ecosystem and how you can use these metrics to identify actionable KPIs.


Module 7

Measuring Your Competitive Landscape

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Stay informed on trends and changes amongst other brands in your space. In this module, we guide you through understanding and interpreting competitor brand insights.

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