SCALE your influencer program

Actionable insights, clear results


SCALE your influencer program

Actionable insights, clear results



Utilize Tribe’s Proprietary Index of Lifestyle Influencers

  1. Identify and reach out to the right influencers for your brand with social profiles across all major networks: YouTube, Instagram, Blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

  2. Re-engage existing influencers and new influencers who are talking about your competitors to strengthen relationships and capture share of voice within your industry.




Utilize Tribe’s Influencer CRM and Campaign Tracking

  1. Manage relationships and track unlimited influencer campaigns with Tribe’s proprietary Influencer Relationship Management software.

  2. Track mentions of your brand by influencers across all major social networks through Tribe’s proprietary natural language and machine learning technologies.

  3. Utilize Tribe’s proprietary Earned Media Value (EMV) algorithm for determining the value of earned media content generated by your influencers. Our research is validated with offline revenue data provided by The NPD Group.




Utilize Tribe’s Comprehensive Competitive Dashboard

  1. Select your top 5, 10, or 15 competitors to benchmark their Earned Media Value (EMV) performance by region, identify their top influencers, and track the top content created about them by the influencer community.

  2. Select from over 3,000 lifestyle brands with Earned Media Value (EMV) data reflecting the top 300,000 lifestyle influencers in 16 international markets.

  3. Tribe’s competitive data is built with proprietary enterprise-grade data science technologies that filter spam hashtag content, identify natural language brand mentions, separate sponsored content, and split data accurately by region.



Who Should Work With Us?

brands, retailers & agencies

Who Should Work With Us?

brands, retailers & agencies


Passion-driven brands: Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Fitness

The lifestyle brand of today has hundreds to tens of thousands of influencers creating content about them annually, and it’s having a dramatic impact on their market share.

We help PR, communications, and marketing departments at emerging and established brands in passion-driven industries (beauty, fashion, travel, fitness) to scale and operationalize their internal influencer programs. Utilize our software, data, and industry expertise to discover new influencers, measure all initiatives (PR sends, events, collaborations), and benchmark your performance against your competitors.

For the latest on influencer marketing, read our monthly beauty and fashion brand insights.

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Retailers that carry passion-driven brands

Brands and influencers have larger and faster voices than ever before, and the content they create shapes a brand’s success in the retail landscape.

We help merchandising and brand marketing teams at retailers measure their brand portfolio performance within the influencer space and track brand-created content about the retailer.

Read our special report on the beauty retailer space.



Agencies that support passion-driven brands

It’s hard for brands to do it all. That’s where our preferred agency partners come into play.

Whether it’s throwing an event, crafting the perfect PR gifting, or creating a brand ambassador program, we help brands connect with the agencies that will help them drive the biggest growth, and assist agencies with measuring brand campaigns using customized tools.

If you’re interested in being a preferred partner, shoot us a message.

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