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"Maybelline, like other mass players, has had to borrow from digitally native upstarts like Kylie Cosmetics, which have made product drops and experiences part of their DNA, said Tribe Dynamics co-founder and president Conor Begley. “Indie brands like Kylie Cosmetics have been doing this since the beginning, so offering unexpected newness keeps companies like Maybelline relevant — it’s something they had not done before,” he said. Tribe Dynamics reported that this has worked before for Maybelline: Its limited-edition Lemonade Craze palette, which was first teased in February and released in April, has garnered $1.7 million earned media value (that is, the publicity gained through promotional efforts versus traditional media), more than any other new Maybelline product during the second quarter of this year. By comparison, Kylie Cosmetics’ Weather Collection, which launched in February , had about $3 million EMV in the first quarter of 2018, said Begley."