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Beauty UK

These Luxury Beauty Hero Products Are Stealing the Show in the UK

In 2019, we’ve seen a rise in social media conversation surrounding luxury beauty in the U.K. To get to the bottom of this growth, we decided to investigate the cult-favorite luxury beauty products that U.K. influencers just can’t stop posting about. Turns out that most of these brands’ top beauty products aren’t new, but are mainstay products that continue to garner significant (and often growing) enthusiasm due to their longstanding reputation—mirroring the impact of tradition and heritage on the luxury space at large. Below are three products that stood out among the others:

Armani Beauty: Luminous Silk Foundation

Launched in 2000 (that’s right, it’s 19 years old!), Luminous Silk continues to be Armani Beauty’s most impactful offering, earning mentions from 29% of the brand’s total U.K. influencer community between January and May 2019. Twenty-seven percent ($2.2M EMV) of Armani Beauty’s $8.1M EMV total stemmed from mentions of the brand’s foundation. One of Luminous Silk’s most loyal fans, powerhouse blogger Amelia Liana, mentioned the hero product across 14 pieces of content this year, driving $211.4k EMV.


-1i4KgBIZWtH47q-hrZFG68ZCm1ngfXI4YxxYsOWjUCg6AdEZ8IeVytZvqLzwjzO8smEAmIdtHLfNv5xpmoIELZtFaYeJH5xPGrE4-EPHGkFd63thfh_pR1kPiFkaP0nMYycWB-gSource: Amelia Liana via YouTube


Marc Jacobs Beauty: Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

Talk about major staying power. Marc Jacobs Beauty netted $11.6M EMV from January to May, with the 2016-launched Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara making up $1.2M EMV of this total—a notable increase from the product’s $216.0k EMV from the same period last year. One of the product’s most impactful supporters included drag queen Ellis Atlantis (@ellis_atlantis), who posted about the product 21 times ($295.6k EMV) between January to May.


Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 3.25.03 PMSource: @ellis_atlantis via Instagram


Chanel Beauty: Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base

When this Chanel bronzer shows up in an influencer’s “haul” or “favorites” video, they almost always comment on how the product’s iconic reputation played a role in the purchase. The Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base drove $930.3k EMV of Chanel Beauty’s $7.0M EMV total between January and May this year. The cult cream bronzer netted just $143.7k EMV over the same period last year, suggesting that it’s benefited from the rise in popularity of dewier, cream-based complexions. Beauty and fashion blogger Anna Gardner (@theannaedit) was especially loyal, authoring 27 posts ($391.5k EMV) that mentioned Soleil Tan.

Kl7Mvt-nqaruJPv-WhyxK_TDNjRCuEusbYofayitG5wjeXkw_tgFI4HibIxah1n_TZYen2lw82J5ErsDm1VqttKmHNAp_HBo2M2lkRYYYRf7omR-ULfEhxwjarUSXyl4dt9zpo90Source: The Anna Edit via YouTube

Hero Products: An Opportunity for Influencer-Brand Relationships

The continued growing enthusiasm surrounding these luxury brands’ hero products sets them—and any other brand with a particularly popular product—up for prime influencer engagement! Brands can build upon this cult-level product loyalty by treating these products as an introduction to the brand’s larger narrative (think, “Our Brand 101”), and then transition this product-level excitement to broader brand excitement through continued influencer initiatives.

It’s not just luxury brands that are doing well. To learn more about U.K. beauty brands’ EMV performance in May, check out our most recent Tribe Top Ten for U.K. Beauty!


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