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Christina Vasiliou

Beauty TTT's

How Top Makeup Brands Beat the Summer Influencer Slowdown

As influencers and eyeballs moved away from Instagram feeds and onto the beach for #HotGirlSummer, the leading beauty brands...

Evolving Your Influencer Strategy Using Influencer Affinity (Not Follower Count!)

A how-to guide on segmenting your influencer community into Retained Fans, New Fans, Potential Fans, and Lost Fans based on...


Three Ways These British Brands Are Winning the Fast Fashion Race

We’re not sure if there’s something in the water up there, but Manchester is proving the birthplace for hyper-successful, fast...

Beauty UK

These Luxury Beauty Hero Products Are Stealing the Show in the UK

In 2019, we’ve seen a rise in social media conversation surrounding luxury beauty in the U.K. To get to the bottom of this...

Beauty TTT's

Tribe Top 10: Luxury Beauty Vies for Coverage at Cannes Film Festival

Every May, we’ve come to expect L’Oréal Paris’ dominant presence at the Cannes Film Festival, and while the brand did not...


Instagram: The Powerful Incubator for Apparel and Lifestyle Brands

Instagram hasn’t just fueled the rise of the entire influencer marketing industry. It’s the catalyst for the development of...

Beauty TTT's

Has Coachella lost its cool?

This April, few beauty brands held the large influencer activations at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival that have...

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