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Catherine Kulke

Beauty UK

5 UK Beauty Influencers Behind the Biggest 2019 Makeup Trends

Social media has become an irreplaceable tool for makeup and skincare enthusiasts to discover beauty brands and products,...


5 Ethical Clothing Brands Backed By Sustainable Fashion Influencers

Fashion is cleaning up its act. Spurred by concerns about climate change, luxury and apparel brands, from Stella McCartney to...

Beauty UK France

August Global Beauty Trends: Top International Beauty Brands

August might be when Europe goes on holiday, but not every international beauty brand took a break. In the U.K., it was all...


July Global Beauty Trends: Top International Beauty Brands

In the world of international beauty, festival season doesn’t end with Coachella. In July, several international beauty brands...


5 Top Fashion Influencers Behind July's Biggest Trends

Instagram is where fashion trends are born in the social media age, and behind every viral look is a community of bloggers who...

From Influencer Excitement to Consumer Interest: How to Understand—and Drive—Your Brand’s Life Cycle

Anyone in the online beauty world knows that it’s a fast-paced game: buzz around new brand and product launches can fade as...


4 Top Swimwear Brands That Took Over Instagram This Summer

It’s #HotGirlSummer, which means your Instagram feed is probably brimming with bikinis and one-pieces. But with more and more...

Fashion Luxury

How Fenty Powered Over $9M EMV in its First Two Months

Rihanna doesn’t make promises she can’t keep. So when the singer-turned-entrepreneur announced that she was launching a luxury...


Drop It Like It’s Haute: Four Luxury Fashion “Drops” That Scored With Influencers

Hype culture never sleeps, and luxury brands want in on it. “Drops” are a trademark of streetwear brands—but in recent months,...


Two Brands That Are Redefining Inclusive Fashion by Accommodating Disability

Inclusivity is more than a buzzword in beauty and fashion today: makeup brands are expanding their shade ranges based on...

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