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Catherine Kulke

Three Running Brands Making Strides on Social

Whether you can’t stand running or you’re an endorphin addict, it’s hard to deny that the sport is picking up speed. Like ...


How Strategic Influencer Marketing Paved Olaplex's Path to an IPO

Last Friday, Olaplex made headlines by filing for an IPO. A longtime salon staple, the brand has inspired a fast-growing...


How to Sustain an Authentic Influencer Program at Scale

No matter your sales chops, you’ll probably do a better job of persuading your friend to try your favorite local restaurant...

How Crocs Became Summer 2021’s Least Expected Fashion Trend

Like it or not, the most divisive sandals of the early 2000’s are making a major comeback. Powered by multiple sold-out...


Five Gen Z Makeup Influencers You’re Not Following (But Should Be)

Whether or not you’re as addicted to TikTok as we are, it’s tough to deny that Gen Z has emerged as a cultural powerhouse....

Two Ways to Use TikTok Influencer Marketing Data in Competitive Reporting

More than halfway through 2021, there’s no denying that TikTok is an integral channel for influencer marketing. Ever since the...

Four High-End Jewelry Brands That Swept the 2021 Awards Season

Awards shows came roaring back this spring, bringing with them all the awkward emcee quips, emotional acceptance speeches, and...


Why Good Molecules’ Affordable Clean Skincare is Sweeping Social Media

Skincare just might be the hottest category in beauty right now. Buoyed by 2020’s wave of enthusiasm for self-care, which...

How CeraVe Became a Skincare Staple for Gen Z Influencers

If you haven’t gone down the (very, very deep) rabbit hole of TikTok skincare tips, you might not have much to say about...


Three Influencer Marketing Strategies That Made HelloBody a Top Clean Beauty Brand

With the self-care movement showing no signs of slowing down, many skincare brands are making impressive strides on social...

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