Advanced Marketing Technology

For The Lifestyle Brand


Advanced Marketing Technology

For The Lifestyle Brand

Our Holistic Approach to Driving Offline Revenue

through Earned Media...


Stage 1 - Identify


Influencer Identification and Monitoring 

  1. Identification or expansion of influencer networks utilizing Tribe Dynamics Proprietary EMV Index of Lifestyle Influencers.

  2. Tribe Dynamics Ambassador Relationship Management Platform (ARM): Designed to help brands manage and track valuable ambassador relationships.


Stage 2 - Drive


Performance Tracking and Competitive Reporting 

  1. Data and in depth analysis of your brand’s earned media performance relative to competitors with monthly or quarterly reports.

  2. Earned Media Value (EMV): Tribe Dynamics algorithm for determining the dollar value of earned media content. Validated with offline revenue data. 

Stage 3 - Evaluate


Earned Media Strategy and Action Plan 

  1. Brand-specific report review and recommendations

  2. Creation of a tailor-fit Earned Media Strategy to improve future performance

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France, Germany, UK, Brazil, Korea,

Canada, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Russia, Australia, 
Gulf Countries